The 4 Steps to Complete Autopilot Website Traffic

Autopilot Website Traffic

Dear Reader,

Autopilot traffic cannot be mastered by means of a single method, system, program or tactic but rather a selected combination. Autopilot traffic has no final destination and successful marketers are constantly searching for new tactics to add. The best part about autopilot traffic is that it can be setup with absolutely zero cost, but for your Traffic to be targeted properly you will need your own website. With Affiliate Marketing you must promote no more than two products per website, but be sure to have your web form to your email list on your website.

Start by creating a blog after you have researched the keywords and keyword phrases you wish to gather visitors with. The two most loved blogging sites will be Word-Press and Google Blogger, where you may find Google Blogger to be a bit more newbie friendly. Either way, all you have to do is follow the instructions to schedule blog posts. Include only the URL to your website in every blog post signature and do not flood your blog with a tsunami of affiliate links. Sites like Word-Press doesn’t take kindly to that kind of content. Schedule a maximum of one post per day, and a minimum of one post per week.

Using social media to add to your arsenal of autopilot traffic, will require a little effort other than keyword/keyword phrase targeting. With sites like Facebook and Google+ you cannot schedule a profile post, but there is a back door. Be sure to create Facebook and Google+ pages, which provide the option to schedule posts. The tools are provided, just take your time and follow the instructions because when you schedule a page post, it will be shared to your profile. Post no more than four carefully timed posts per social profile per day, and no less than one post every second day.

Writing articles and building your credibility as an author will have better results than you could possibly anticipate. The higher your credibility goes, the more your articles will be loved and that will flood your website. Never include more than two URLs (To Your Own Websites or Blogs), one in your article body and one in your article resource box. Use the Google PR Checker (Google Page Rank Checker) to ensure you publish your articles on high ranking publishing sites.

And last but not least, you must write and publish your own eBooks and use the same page rank checking method to ensure you publish on high ranking publishing websites. Simply type “PR Checker” into your Google Chrome or Firefox browser and click the first link on the search result drop down. Learn more on how to actually earn money online by Visiting This Website packed with valuable information.

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Deon Christie

Why Affiliate Marketing is an Art and Not a Contest

The Art Of Affiliate Marketing

Dear Reader,

The one thing that separates a struggling Affiliate Marketer from a Super Successful Affiliate Marketer, is the size of their email lists. Successful Affiliate Marketers know that you only generate revenue by means of your email list and your own website and blog. The basic structure involves indexing your own website and blog, starting your own email list and researching the products you wish to promote.

The proven order in which these must be assembled, after establishing your profitable niche will begin with product research. Knowing your product is the only thing that will ensure your success because knowledge is power. You must have sufficient product knowledge in order to create your own original content. Without that crucial element, creating your own website and blog may turn out to be a complete waste of time. Don’t rush because you must take your time by purchasing and using the product you wish to promote. This is time consuming because you will have to engage with support, and test the product to its full potential.

Next in the sequence will be your own email list which may prove to be quite challenging, because the real work lies in nurturing your list. Therefore your content creation knowledge and skill are the only two tools you have to gain and inspire your subscribers. Sending out Newsletters and Auto-Responder messages, and also knowing when and how to schedule the mail. Another reason for having your own email list with auto-responder, is the fact that you will need a web form to put on your website. Indexing your website and blog will be your next step.

A little keyword knowledge goes a long way with creating your own websites and blogs, and will ultimately determine your quality of traffic. The keywords you wish to rank for must be in your domain, and also the website name or logo. The keywords you wish to rank for must populate your home page and appear no less than 28 times. This way the Google Spider will be more likely to recognize your website, which will boost your page rank and ultimately your visitors and sales. Your website is where you promote your affiliate offers, but your home page must be more tutorial orientated. Rather include a page like “Tools I Use”, and share the tools you use because you have sufficient product knowledge.

Now you have to setup your autopilot traffic machine, and most tools that can help you achieve this are free tools. Tools that sites like Google, Facebook and Word-Press are already providing you with. Tools that are right in front of you but we all fall victim to that chase for the next shiny object. Scheduling the auto posting to your blogs, Facebook pages and Profiles with no exception to your Google+ and Google+ pages. Scheduled posting should primarily focus on directing traffic to your blog, website and landing pages, gaining a subscriber is more important than just a sale.

Learn more about these simple tactics and methods on the website, also how and why to check page rank before you post or comment on a site. Most sites aren’t even indexed in Google yet, which will kind of defeat the purpose of posting and/or commenting. Just a thought…

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie

How to write a High Converting Article

Article Marketing Tactics

Dear Reader,

Writing an article with interesting useful information, requires quite some expertise or product knowledge. You also have to know your niche so you can be able to target the right keywords, and reach the right audience. Try offering a solution to a common need within your niche, which can only be established by proper research. If you want your readers to return because your articles draw attention, then you will have to sacrifice the time and effort to achieve that. Make your content unique and informative, by showing your readers how to perform certain preferred tasks within your niche.

Your article must be easy to read because successful writing is not about using sophisticated words, but rather simple words in an impressive way. Offer advice because that will get you recognized as a Professional which is quite an advantage. Once you’re recognized as a professional, audiences will be more likely to search for your content and even share it to their audiences. Your article should offer some kind of solution, but be sure that you have tested the solution to authenticate it first. You must never share just random affiliate links, be objective and precise.

It is best when the resources you share in the author resource box have direct relevance to your article content. This tactic will drive much more targeted visitors to your website, because they will visit your website based on your article content. Never share raw affiliate links or even cloaked affiliate links because high page rank directories will ban your articles. You only share links to your own professional websites where you present affiliate offers, and provide a web form to your email list. You may also share links to personal blogs, and it helps when your website URL is posted in every blog post signature.

You must be objective in the use of your keywords and/or keyword phrases. Best to use the Google Trends tool to established the latest search trends. You must then use the keywords from your searches and populate your article accordingly, but don’t overdo it to the point that your article doesn’t make much sense. Maybe two to three of each of the keywords you wish to target could be quite sufficient.

Your article title must be eye-catching and using the “reason why” style of title prove to be quite effective. A good example could be a title to the liking of – 5 Reasons why Blogging is Best – Audiences tend to be more responsive when you add numerical numbers. Your subject line must describe your content precisely.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie

The Keyword the Product and Exposure?

Google Keyword Indexing

Valued Reader,

If you’re still struggling to generate a passive income online, then you need to review and focus your internet methods. If you do not have your own domain, website or blog and email list, then you may have started your journey with the less successful methods. And not having those in place is why you are failing to leverage keyword search tactics to your advantage. You have to establish which keywords best describe your niche, and how many times they are searched for each month. Based on that, and only that will you be able to choose a domain name and website title that will rank in Google.

There’s also your anchor text or also known as keyword phrases, which must populate the content on your home page. Your home page is purely content, try not to promote and attempt a sales pitch. Rather include a page like “Tools I Use” and then describe and do just that, offer the tools you use. This is where product knowledge plays a huge role, which is why it is important to purchase and personally test what it is you wish to promote. Proper keyword research and product knowledge should be your starting point, not frantically posting on social media.

There are free keyword research tools Google already give you to work with, all you must do is study the site and learn how to use it to your advantage. Remember, the best teacher you could possibly ask for is yourself and a willingness to learn will serve you well. All successful affiliate marketers all made the same mistakes many newbies make to this day, to rush in an attempt to make money faster. Get the island holidays with yachts and sport cars out of your equation for success, and replace it with reality. You start with niche and keyword research, product research and knowledge then off to your first website.

With Affiliate Marketing you have but two places where your sales will come from and that is your website and email list. From your website you offer useful information and interesting content, which must inspire your visitor to buy. First you have to prove to your visitor that you are professional, because people are cautious to just purchase online which is what you aim at doing on your home page. This is also where you include your web form to your email list and in doing so your content accomplishes two crucial achievements. Generating sales, and collecting subscribers which will ultimately result in more sales if they haven’t already purchased from your website.

That is how all the successful affiliate marketers earn those life changing kind of commissions you see in the impressive screenshots. They do not generate that kind of money by posting a tsunami of raw affiliate links in a desperate attempt to generate a sale.

Making money online is not rocket science, but it is a science that favors precision and preparation carefully assembled by adding accurate timing.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie

Earn money online being an Internet Marketing Affiliate

Internet Marketing Affiliate

Dear Reader,

This is an exponentially growing trend with an alarming Average of 5% Success rate because the competition is so fierce. Knowledge of your Niche combined with a little experience in Keyword Research are your two most important ingredients to ensure your success and earn money online. When your visitors are targeted correctly, only then will you make any money online. If you do not know about Keyword Research, then you should stop what you’re doing and pay close attention to these simple tactics.

Providing you have some knowledge on the Niche you have chosen or are yet to be established. Your Niche can be based on absolutely anything you’re good at from Cooking to Internet Marketing. Next you must gather and create as much content within your Niche as you possibly can because that is how you gather Knowledge which is Power. This comes in handy when you realize how effective it is to write articles and eBooks, while having your own websites and blogs as you populate your sites with keyword rich content.

Keyword targeting is where you will acquire buyer traffic because your visitor is already searching for what you’re offering. When your content is keyword rich, informative and inspiring only then will you turn a visitor into a buyer. Researching the best keywords and/or keyword phrases can be done at no charge with Google when you use Google Trends. Just type “Google Trends” into your browser and click on the first link on the search page. Allow me to use this article for this demonstration.

By using Google Trends, I established some of the most searched for phrases within my Niche and Sub Niches. Turns out “Earn money online” and “Internet Marketing” seem to be the favourites at the time of publishing this article. Note the article Title: Earn money online being an Internet Marketing Affiliate. Both keyword phrases to target a specific audience which is why you may notice the use of the keyword phrases Earn Money Online and Internet Marketing quite frequently in the article content. Same goes for your website and blog because you have to populate your content with the keywords and/or keyword phrases you wish to target.

With your website or blog this tactic will result in faster page rank and once you have a high ranking website or blog you can present your affiliate offer to a much more interested audience. There is absolutely no point in generating 100,000 “Clicks” or “Visitors” per day with absolutely zero conversion. Because that proves that your “Visitors” are not even remotely interested in your content let alone your offer or promotion.

Patience also plays an important role when it comes to earning money online especially with affiliate and/or internet marketing. Earning money online is an Art, it’s not a contest and a fascinating art it turns out to be. Your Targeting is Crucial and will need your full attention which is why you can have access to some more free tools, tactics and illustrations from the author’s website.

Be Prosperous,

Deon Christie

The Importance of your Social Profile

Your Social Profile

Dear Reader,

Social Exposure can be leveraged with surprising results when it comes to Website traffic. However, there are quite a few factors that plays an important role, your profile is but one of the secrets. Over-posting and spamming are two of the many common mistakes newbie marketers make, and more is not necessarily better. For example, I post just one post per social profile per Day and am averaging over 1500 impressions per day on Twitter alone! The key is to link all your social profiles, but that is a topic for another time.

More to the point, your social profile plays a Crucial role to achieving success. You simply Must complete all your social profiles with a picture, biography and preferably some of your accomplishments. Your social profiles are an excellent starting point to be recognized as a Professional, and it’s all part of actually making money on the internet. Some social networking sites even offer you free post scheduling tools, which is why I don’t use auto posting software.

People are more likely to like, share and comment on your posts when you have a proper profile. I use various tools to get likes, comments, shares and re-posts. Which is also one of the tactics I use to build and nurture my Email Lists.

Wishing You Prosperity,

Deon Christie

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